Garmin Pilot adds configurable tab bar, Live Track Log and route data downloads

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Garmin is pleased to announce new features and enhancements have been added to the Garmin Pilot application on Apple mobile devices. The latest Garmin Pilot update adds a new configurable tab bar along the bottom of the application, offering easy access to commonly used features and functions within the app. Also new, a Live Track Log overlays a checkered line on the moving map that displays the track of the current flight, particularly useful for post-flight analysis. The addition of Route Data and Chart Downloads also helps to ensure pilots have all of the charts and database information they need for a specific flight. 

Configurable Tab Bar 

To help streamline navigation throughout the Garmin Pilot app, pilots can configure a new tab bar along the bottom of the app as an alternative to the Home Menu. For example, when the app is viewed in portrait mode on an iPad, the tab bar features six icons that are always visible when navigating throughout the app and one additional icon that reflects the most recently visited page within the app. The tab bar includes icons that are always visible when navigating throughout the app and recently viewed items, which are separated by a vertical line. Additional menu items can be viewed by selecting the “More” button, which also gives pilots the option to add or edit additional tab bar menu items. The icons are also similar to those found within Garmin avionics and integrated flight decks so pilots will experience a seamless transition throughout the cockpit.

Live Track Log

The new Live Track Log overlays a checkered line on the moving map so pilots can easily review a flight after landing. Pilots can activate the Live Track Log from the map layer selection on the moving map page. Upon landing, Live Track Log will display the last recorded track for up to 60 minutes or until the Garmin Pilot app is closed. The Track Log is attached to the logbook entry within the app and can be reviewed at a later date using the Logbook Tracks feature.

Route Data and Chart Downloads in Trip Planning

The route data and charts feature is now included in Trip Planning to ensure the data required for a flight resides on the device. Information such as navigation data, VFR sectional charts, IFR enroute charts, as well as obstacles, terrain, airport information including runway diagrams and airport documents and more, are all reviewed once the pilot enters a departure and destination airport pair. Within the Trip Planning page, a green check mark will display next to the flight bag icon, assuring pilots they have all of the data needed for a flight and that it is available for offline use.


The newest release of Garmin Pilot on Apple mobile devices is available immediately. For new customers, Garmin Pilot is available in the Apple App Store as a free download for the first 30 days. After the 30-day trial period, customers may purchase an annual subscription of Garmin Pilot starting at $79.99. During the week of AirVenture 2020, Garmin will be hosting a series of free educational webinars and product demonstrations, and feature unique opportunities that will bring the Garmin exhibit experience direct to its customers. Check out Garmin’s full line-up of virtual AirVenture Oshkosh events at