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Don Madisen replied to the topic 'Maintenance Manual' in the forum. 6 hours 52 minutes ago

I have been looking for the same with no luck! I received it from the previous owner on CD but there is no way to access the files without some other Cessna subscription I am guessing and have had no luck in finding that either...
Let me know if you have any luck!
Don Madisen


David Kagey created a new topic ' Garmin FlightStream' in the forum. 4 days ago

Looking to add FlightStream to compliment my GTN750 and GDL-88 and am struggling between the 201 and the 510
The avionics shop is recommending the 210 due to it having the AHRS backup capability that the 510 does not have. I don't think their motivation is the extra install.
While I have the 750, the flight instruments are all old steam gauges and I don't see myself going to a glass panel anytime soon.
Anyone have an idea what I might be missing or gaining between these two choices


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