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TOPIC: #$&*@#& nose tire, again?!?

#$&*@#& nose tire, again?!? 2 months 4 days ago #1402

Thanks guys, I’m going to carefully check the Goodyear a install new Michelin tube and hope for the best...
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#$&*@#& nose tire, again?!? 2 months 5 days ago #1396

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Hi Allen;
I just replaced the tube in my right main tire. I chose to get a Michelin AirStop inner tube. My original tube had leaked down twice due to a worn out valve core. And when the main tire on my Comanche leaks down to flat, I have to go find someone to shove a wing jack under the wing while I get under the spar and push up. Not easy with two folks and impossible by myself.
I thought the tube had been pinched when a local shop installed a new set of tires and brakes so I removed the tire/wheel assembly and broke it down. Nope, there was no pinching. Further investigation showed that the valve core was leaking very slowly and slightly; so slowly that I missed it earlier.
I chose to get the big bucks Michelin AirStop tube for two reasons. I have read that less expensive rubber tubes naturally leak, and found reviews that indicated some of the other "low leak" style tubes weren't performing well.
I also know that whenever a tube is blown up to operating pressure it expands, and that re using an already expanded tube usually causes the tube to wrinkle inside the tire.
I decided, especially since I have new tires, to go ahead and bite the bullet and get the best tube I could buy.
Hopefully, the few extra bucks will relieve me of the need to plug in the air compressor and get down on the ground under the wing to blow up a tire. I usually preflight the day before on things like oil level and tire pressure but sometimes that isn't possible and I end up crawling around down there in my good go somewhere clothes. It's worth some extra money to avoid that in the future.
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#$&*@#& nose tire, again?!? 2 months 5 days ago #1395

Hard to add anything to the comments you got to this post in CPS. All causes I can think off have been mentioned.
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#$&*@#& nose tire, again?!? 2 months 6 days ago #1394

I swear on a stack of operating manuals that I’m not banging on the nosewheel of my j model 182 but for the third time in a year I went to the hangar to be greeted by a flat nose wheel tire! You guys have any thoughts on tubes that are tougher than others for standard 5.00x5 nose wheel? The tire is a Goodyear that seems in good shape :woohoo:
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