Avcom 1701-1 Engine Mount for O-360

5 months 3 weeks ago #1946 by STEVE ELLS
Hi Andrew;

Do you have a bad motor mount? If so you can probably get it rebuilt. There are a number of companies that repair and overhaul engine mounts.

Is it safe to assume you've attempted to contact Bob and Barb Williams, who I believe still own the STC??
And that you have not gotten a timely reply??

Unfortunately, I have been in the Cessna tech answering business for a little over 20 years and any dealings I've attempted with Williams have been unsatisfactory.

If that's the case, other than advertising far and wide for a used one, I suggest you contact the Wichita AirCraft Certification Office (ACO) at 316 946-4100 to see if they will release the technical data in the STC.

You can file of "Freedom of Information (FOI) request for the data if dealing with the FSDO doesn't yield results.

Another option might be to contact Del Air (559 784-9440) to see if the mount for its O-360 conversion would work on a 175. I have a suspicion it wouldn't due to the difference in firewalls but it won't hurt to ask.

I wish I have a go to source but I don't.

Plse let me know if you find one and how you make out.


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5 months 3 weeks ago #1943 by Andew Emde
ON the hunt for an Avcom 1701-1 Engine mount for my 1958 C-175 O-360 Conversion.

I have a Williams STC SA424CE



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