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TOPIC: Airframe hours

Airframe hours 1 week 7 hours ago #1890

Hi Steve, just wanted to throw in my 2 cents...first I'd have a very extensive prebuy inspection done by someone who knows/works on a lot of 172,....and have him pay particular attention to the nose gear and especially the fire wall and where nose gear attached to the firewall.(Might have been used for flight training and absorbed a lot of hard landings, Secondly obviously age TTAF hours, TT since engine over haul, paint condition, ect. will effect the value....is it worth it to buy and older plane for less or a new one for more money...I think that a very basic truth, I recently bought a 1973 172M, I think I got a great deal same thing, knew the previous owner, always hangared, 3900 TTAF and 190 hrs since Overhaul, great paint, decent interior and new Stratus ABS-B Out/IN dual band transponder, but avionic upgrade is going to bet expensive...2G5's PFD and Hsi about 6 g's plus installation JPI EDM 900 engine monitor 4g-s plus installation which is very labor intensive(read expensive0 and new G650Xi 12g's plus installation.....point is pay a lot for a newer well equipped model, or get a solid older model and build on it...either way-pay me now or pay me later.....good luck and don't be afraid to jump in but look very carefully before you leap...hope this helps !! Keep us posted....
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Airframe hours 1 month 3 weeks ago #1800

Thanks much to both Steve and Gary for your helpful insight. As I stated before the plane looks to be in excellent condition, maintenance and logbook documentation is also quite good.
The plane is flown regularly. The last couple of years includes new Garmin GTX345 transpoder, battery, ELT, starter, alternator, seat rails and control rigging. All new components were installed with the idea of years of continued flying. Recent health problems
have forced the sale. My plan is to have it annealed before the closing. Not sure where the best shop is close by. It's hangered at Yankton S.D. I'm a first time owner and all comments are appreciated, again, thanks.
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Airframe hours 1 month 3 weeks ago #1797

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No, not an automatic deal killer. The high AF hours will factor into the value of the airplane.
Cessna has published Supplemental Inspection Documents (SIDs) for all its airplanes.
The one for the 1969-76 Cessna 172 is 226 pages long.
I have attached it to this post.
If all the ADs are complied with, and your mechanic checks over and approves all the items in the SID, you can be sure the 172 you're looking at is in great shape,
Look in the logs for replacement of wear parts such as flap tracks, nose gear scissor bushings, aileron and trim tab piano hinges. If there's evidence those items have been attended to that's a good sign.
Take it up and fly it. Do a stall series. Does it have any bad habits in the slow flight and stall series.
Does it make book speeds?
I highly recommend that you tell the seller you want a full annual done be your mechanic, or another one you hire who knows 172s. Ask him to split the cost; if he agrees that's a good sign. If he acts reluctant, then pay for it yourself. If an airworthiness item is found during the inspection; stop right there and point it out to the seller. Or note it and discuss how a repair will affect the priced.
Do a value search? Are you an AOPA member? if you are, membership includes a free valuation through Vref. You can also go to www.vref.com and pay for a single airplane valuation. Type in all the details and you'll get an answer about what other similarly equipped airplanes are selling for.
Let me know how I can help further
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Airframe hours 1 month 4 weeks ago #1796

My 1975 172M had about the same hours when I bought her in 2013. She has lots more now and the airframe is doing great. She had been corrosion protected at one time, but there are no signs. My experience is not to worry if everything else pans out. One other comment. I had a mechanic (who was working on my autopilot) tell me (about 3 years ago) my plane was on last legs and that they "wear out". I asked why and he showed me 2 rivets that were just beginning to fret (show wear). I nodded thoughtfully, flew home. I spoke to my mechanic who laughed. He asked me to look at planes on the field. He points to 40 and 50 year old cessnas and many others with similar or more hours. Then he said that was a scare tactic because if correct, those planes would be rust buckets.
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Airframe hours 1 month 4 weeks ago #1793

I'm planning to buy a 1974 skyhawk. It's had 3 owners, always hangered. Current owner bought it 25 years ago had repainted. Paint and interior are in fantastic condition. Maintenance and logbook documentation is outstanding. Inspection panels show no corrosion.
Only concern is it has 10500 hours on airframe.
Being in apparently good shape should I be concerned about the high time? Is this a deal killer?
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