Specs, ADs and what to look for

4 days 18 hours ago #2442 by Victor Popiol
Thanks so much, Steve!

I will post the same question in the 182 forum as I'm also considering a Cessna 182 as my next step.


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5 days 13 hours ago #2441 by STEVE ELLS
Hi Victor;
I apologize for taking so long to respond.

I have attached a pdf of a 2017 magazine. On page 42, there's an article I wrote about 172s.

I have also attached a copy of Cessna's Supplemental Inspection Document (SID) for some early 172s. This doc doesn't quite address your model but it's a good guide.

Take a look and get back to me if this doesn't answer your questions.


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1 week 4 days ago #2437 by Victor Popiol

I recently sold my Cessna 150D and I'm shopping for the next flyer.

Seeing that the market is very tight and prices really high, I'm considering an older 172 or 182, depending on price and condition.

I found a potential 172D and would like to research idiosyncrasies of this model. What to pay special attention to. Obviously, I'm looking for guidance above and beyond of regular airframe and engine condition.

Are there any references for this kind of information?


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