Destination – Driggs, Ohio: An Ideal Fly-In Spot Just West of the Tetons

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August 2012


Of course, a good on-field restaurant is a great starting point, but going beyond the average hundred-dollar hamburger, it’s nice to have a museum or other on-field attraction. And if the field is located near one of North America’s top recreational spots, so much the better!

Driggs-Reed Memorial (KDIJ), just a mile or so west of the Idaho-Wyoming border, meets all these requirements. It has an upscale restaurant that goes well beyond the typical airport diner, a small but well-organized museum, and it’s just a short flight from Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Kate and I visited Driggs on the way home from our vacation trip to Jackson Hole last summer, but if you find yourself in the area, it’s an ideal location for a weekend fly-out.

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