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Steven Kleiman replied to the topic 'Cessna 172 Performance App' in the forum. 2 days ago

Version 3.4.0 is out. It contains support for the 172I. More importantly, it allows airspeed to be displayed in MPH for the older models.

As always, C172 Performance is available for Android and iOS mobile devices and any for any computer. See



Ed Fogle replied to the topic 'Lean of peak operation problem on IO-470' in the forum. 3 days ago

Thanks for the reply. I did a GAMI lean test, stress mag test and manifold test, per Savvy Aviator directions. They say a spread of up to 1 gph is acceptable for LOP and .5 gph is very good. Mine was .4 gph.

The improved atomizing is understandable for improving LOP operations. I think I need to address issues with #6 ignition. Will be sending a JPI results to Savvy Aviator and a GAMI tomorrow. Will post responses.


STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'amp meter "bounce" while flying' in the forum. 4 days ago

Hey Joey;
I'm glad your 210 is running well.
I would start by conducting a good visual inspection of the connections at your alternator. Grab them and try to pull them loose; see if they wiggle. If that's all good, go to the voltage regulator and pull the wiring plug out of the regulator; hit the contacts with some contact cleaner.
Lastly, I would think about buying a new master/alternator switch to replace the one that's installed; especially if it's the original switch.
The original master/alternator switches are not very robust and have been the source or more than one charging system problem

Please let me know what you find


STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'Flap failure' in the forum. 4 days ago

Hi, Uneven fuel flow from the left and right tanks is "normal" for many Cessna singles. If is caused by the design of the fuel tank venting system. Fuel is free to flow out of both banks but the flowage is complicated by the fact that the vent tube, which is located behind the upper end of the left wing strut, directs ram air into the outer end of the left fuel tank. The theory is that this positive air pressure on the left tank creates uneven air pressures between the left and right fuel tanks.
There's more to the explanation it's not abnormal. There's no evidence that this ever results in fuel that won't flow to the engine. When Cessna re introduced the 172 and 182 in 1996 and 1997, there were individual vents for each tank.

About your flaps. Before you and your mechan ic snatch off the flap motor, check to see that the connections to the switches behind the panel in the flap pre select system are tight. And that the small switches have not slid or come loose in the slots they are mounted to. I've fixed many a Cessna 182 with pre select flaps by tightening up the small screws that secure the flap position micro switches in the flap pre select system.

Let me know what you find.


STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'Lean of peak operation problem on IO-470' in the forum. 4 days ago

Hi, If you have a fuel flow instrument, I suggest that you first go to the GAMI home page ( to download the "lean find" worksheet. Then following the instructions of flying at 65 percent power, lean the engine and not the fuel flow as each of the six cylinders peak. At 65 percent power this leaning will not harm your engine. You will then be able to derive an "EGT spread." If your EGT spread is greater than 0.2 gallons between the first and the last cylinders to peak, you need to send your GAMIjectors and your Lean Find worksheet to GAMI so they can fine tune your GAMIjectors. Once your EGT Spread is adjust to provide a 0.2 gph spread, flying LOP will be no problem.
And when your EGT Spread is 0.2 gph, there will be no need to feather your throttle to achieve smooth engine operation.

Feathering the throttle (pulling it back slightly from WOT) creates additional turbulence in the induction system downstream of the throttle butterfly. Feathering the throttle is a well understood method of further atomizing the fuel metered into the airstream by a carburetor. But your IO-470 doesn't have a carburetor.

You need to determine what's going on with #6 cylinder. It could be an induction leak; it surely sounds like your EGT probe is either bad, or there's a loose or faulty connection between the probe and the gauge.

Fix whatever's going on with #6; then fix the probe. Once those problems are sorted out, do the GAMI Lean Find test and get your GAMIjectors tuned up and you'll be flying behind a smooth running engine that's safe to fly LOP.

If there's only a 1.2 inches of MAP drop through your induction system it's in good shape.

Please post what yoiu find on this forum so we can all learn.


Ed Fogle replied to the topic 'Lean of peak operation problem on IO-470' in the forum. 4 days ago

A little additional information. After having the throttle control adjusted so it opens fully I checked the manifold pressure before start. I then did a full power check. Takeoff MP was 2-2 1/2" lower than static. That is too much difference. John Deakin in his "Pelicans Perch" article of some years ago says 1" is the norm. We then adjusted the throttle linkage and now the drop at full power is 1.2-1.3". I'm not sure if that is acceptable.

As an aside, after correcting the position of the throttle valve and linkage I expected some noticeable takeoff and climb performance improvements. While the June OAT's are decidedly higher than the April temps I don't think my performance has improved.


Ed Fogle created a new topic ' Lean of peak operation problem on IO-470' in the forum. 4 days ago

I have a 1976 182P with an IO-470-F Peterson conversion and a JPI EDM engine analyzer. I have had mixed success operating lean of peak. What I found was at altitudes where I was at wide open throttle it would run rough when LOP and there would be major splits between EGTs with the even cylinders different than the odd ones, as a group. If I brought the throttle back no more than 1/8″ it would smooth out and the EGTs would be closer together. The manifold pressure would change very little if at all.

One person I know who has a Baron with two IO-470’s seems to be knowledgeable about the subject. He suggested I have the fuel and throttle control assembly overhauled. I took to a fuel shop and was told it didn’t need overhauling but the throttle valve was 20-25 degrees closed when the throttle was full open. That problem was corrected and we reinstalled the assembly. When I flew it down low with the throttle retarded, somewhat, LOP operation was excellent as displayed by the EDM with fairly closely spaced EGT’s.

However, when I flew at altitude with WOT it was very rough LOP and there was a large differential of EGT’s, especially #6, which bounced back and forth between the others and off scale lean. BTW it was not the first to peak. When I pulled the throttle back at least 1/2″ it smoothed out and, again had much more closely spaced EGT’s.

My first guess is that the throttle needs to be closed somewhat to operate LOP. The question, though is why? Perhaps 1/8″ retarded throttle before the fuel shop adjustment puts the throttle valve in the same physical position as 1/2″ retarding does post adjustment and that gives the same leaning characteristics. Those before and after throttle valve positions would be very hard to determine at this time.

One thought is there is an induction manifold leak, probably near #6 cylinder and possibly the other two even ones. We plan to do an intake manifold leak test in the morning but I don’t have high hopes for the outcome. This is because the problem only occurs at near max power. It may be that the leak seals itself below some very high manifold pressure. I don’t know of a safe method for doing a leak test at takeoff power.

Does anyone have any insight into my problem?


Jason Mormile created a new topic ' Flap failure' in the forum. 7 days ago

Hey everybody was looking for a little advice on 2 issues with my 182P. Anyone have a solution to uneven fuel drawl from tanks. Even flying on both my left tank is always 5-7 gallons lower when I land. The second thing is last nite flying to dinner had no flaps when approaching the airport. I haven’t put a tester to it yet but assuming it’s the motor any idea what this will cost to have repaired?


joey murray created a new topic ' amp meter "bounce" while flying' in the forum. 7 days ago

I have a 1978 T-210 that fly's great, great temps on the cylinders and very comfortable cruiser. plane has less then 4,000 hours and engine is near TBO but has great oil analysis, and is smooth as a turbine.

i have a issue with my amp meter bouncing every one and a while to discharge for a moment and then goes right back to where it should be. it just happens 10 to 20 times per hour in flight.

has anyone had this type issue? my mechanic finds every thing in working order. this is very concerning especially when flying at night or in IFR conditions.

thanks for any advice.



STEVE ELLS replied to the topic '150/150' in the forum. 1 week ago

I called Chris at Del Air yesterday. Del Air sells STC approval to install a 150 hp Lycoming and also has approval to install a 180 hp Lycoming in a 150 airframe.
The engine mount has to be sent to one of Del Air's preferred mount modification shops, and some bracketry installed to move the battery back into the tailcone.
Chris estimated that it would take 150 man hours to complete the modification. Parts required are mostly standard aircraft hardware.
Chris told me that Del Air has sold approvals to modify 62 150 airframes..


Herman Bongco created a new topic ' AOPA 172 Sweepstakes Aircraft Replica Model.' in the forum. 1 week ago

Do some of you recall AOPA 172 Sweepstakes from last year (2017). There could only be one winner. However, for those of you who can appreciate a Custom Replica Aircraft Model. Here is a Replica of AOPA 172. We all cannot be winners, but if you would like a Replica of your Airplane, Please let me know. I know a guy... who knows a guy. B) :) :cheer: Signup Sheet can be found here:

Cessna Flyer Members and AOPA members get 15% off.


Herman Bongco added a video. 1 week ago

Aircraft Model built by hand. Pitt Special...

Another Handcrafted Aircraft built my Modelworks Direct. This Pitt Special is an Acrobatic Aircraft sponsored by Epic Fuels. This custom build model...

Herman Bongco shared 3 photos in the AOPA 172 album 1 week ago

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Nik Cielo added a video. 1 week ago

My First Solo Flight - Cessna 150

Departing from Sturup, Malmø, Sweden - November 9 - 2016 NOW: Follow my journey on Facebook:...

Kelvin Vanderlip replied to the topic '150/150' in the forum. 1 week ago

I've got 1967 Cessna 150G, N6280S. My battery is in the tail cone as well.

I added a JPI 800 engine monitor to my plane in 2014 and it has paid for itself in spades, issuing warnings for oil temps, pressure, CHT, EGT, voltage, and giving me really accurate fuel flow information. You get a nice bright flashing light when things happen, rather than when you eventually look at the instruments and start to wonder why a needle is in a different place. The thing also records everything onto a USB stick and you can see how it looks over time. The JPI also directly shows engine horsepower, so no guessing what power you are pulling.

Also, with the added high-altitude capability, I have switched to a vernier mixture control. This lets me get fuel flow almost a gallon per hour lower at altitude, and it makes the engine controls feel a lot better.

The world needs more 150/150s!


Heather S created a new topic ' June 2018 Magazine Extras' in the forum. 1 week ago

Cessna Q&A by Steve Ells, June 2018

Cessna Single Engine Service Bulletin No. SEB11-2
“Main Landing Gear Steel Pivot Assembly Inspection”

Cessna Single Engine Service Letter No. SE78-25
“Alternate Air Intake Door Spring”


Heather S created a new topic ' My Special Flights' in the forum. 1 week ago

In the June 2018 issue of Cessna Flyer, columnist Kevin Garrison discussed a few of his most memorable flights. Where have you flown that has had a special significance to you? What are the places and airspaces that have made you happy, gotten your fun meter pegged, or given you goosebumps? Tell us all about it!


STEVE ELLS replied to the topic '150/150' in the forum. 1 week ago

Aero Upgrade has an STC for the following 150s: 150 D through 150 L.
What model is your 150?
I talked to Shawn at Aero Upgrade today. Aero Upgrade has installed the 150 hp engine and fixed pitch prop called out in its STC on 62 aircraft.
The only really modification is to the engine mount. The battery must be moved aft into the tailcone for weight and balance.
Shawn estimated that the man hours required would be around 150 man hours.

I have a call into Del Air and am awaiting their response.


Jen D thanked Kelvin Vanderlip in topic 150/150 2 weeks ago