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Kent Dellenbusch replied to the topic 'Window Hinge C-182H' in the forum. 3 hours 27 minutes ago

Test this on a sample screw first so you know the feel and grab it has. You don't want to crack the p-glass. .


Kent Dellenbusch replied to the topic 'Exhaust extensions' in the forum. 3 hours 34 minutes ago
Kent Dellenbusch replied to the topic 'Cessna 210A rear bench seat' in the forum. 3 hours 38 minutes ago

Also, Ron has done some back set reupholstering on 210's so he might be able to help.



Kent Dellenbusch replied to the topic 'Rt 385 lcd screen repair' in the forum. 12 hours 12 minutes ago

You can try Air Capitol dial. 1-877-269-2483


Matthew Peltz created a new topic ' Rt 385 lcd screen repair' in the forum. 14 hours 46 minutes ago

Does anyone have any resources for repairing the lcd screen on old Cessna Arc radios?

I lost a digit last night and would like to fix it.



ART FRIEDMAN replied to the topic 'Recommended ILS procedure for 210D' in the forum. yesterday

I flew a 210D for 20 years. I usually lowered the gear when being vectored to the localizer and put in 10 degrees of flaps and 17 in. MP at glide slope interception for 100 to 110 airspeed, depending on wind. I'd extend full flaps when I had the field, or leave the 10 degrees in for initial climb on the missed. I'd get the climb established and initial heading set before retracting flaps and gear, and retrimmin, since it climbed fine in approach configuration.


Jeff Jones created a new topic ' Cessna 210A rear bench seat' in the forum. 2 days ago

Can anyone tell me how to install the rear bench seat in a 210A. I just bought the aircraft but the rear seat had been removed. I can’t figure out how to get it back in.


Our September newsletter One-question Survey asked: What is your favorite civilian Cessna single-engine model (model series) of all time?
Here are the answers to date:

182 31.68%
210 14.85%
172 10.89%
170 6.93%
180 6.93%
195 6.93%
150/152 5.94%
177 3.96%
R172K Hawk XP 1.98%
177RG 1.98%
120 0.99%
172RG 0.99%
206 0.99%
208 0.99%
140 0.00%
A150 Aerobat 0.00%
162 0.00%
175 0.00%
185 0.00%
190 0.00%
205 0.00%
207 0.00%
Airmaster 0.00%

• 195 I have had mine Since 1980 N9375A
• T182T
• Too many good airplanes cant name just one
• C-182A
• 182 RG is a great plane
• Peterson’s Performance Kenai
• 182 This is Grandma's pickup truck for hauling the grandkids!
• 210 Fast, heavy hauler, comfortable
• 182 The best all-around single of all time.
• 210A
• The best was 1957 C-182A. Square tail/manual flaps. Once you mastered the system you could put that bird anywhere you wanted even in gusty Kansas winds.
• 182RG
• It's difficult to choose. I own a 182S and 1946 C140. Both are great!
• Best was C-182A

Disagree? There's still time to vote. Best Cessna Single Survey


Jen D replied to the topic 'Purchase - 2 good options' in the forum. 2 days ago

Here's a link to an article Cessna FLYER's Steve Ells wrote about the 210:


Richard heinichen replied to the topic 'Sure fly magneto' in the forum. 2 days ago

Hi Jose. I’m not mad. Just disappointed. Sure fly asked me if I wanted another one. As of today they still don’t know what went wrong. They did find an abnormality in it.
I agree on the electronic reliability of firing a spark plug. I would not like a car with a distributor cap like my 1946 Willy’s.
I’ve been flying since 1980 and have never had a magneto miss in the 4 certified planes I have owned.
I do like the idea. My plane started better. I’m still waiting for a final report. Seems scary they can’t go right to the problem.
I’m not the only one who has had a problem.
Tanks for the wisdom. I’ll continue to swim near the ground.


Steve Rhode replied to the topic 'Sure fly magneto' in the forum. 2 days ago


I'm sure sorry you had those issues with your magneto. I would hate to sour anyone off of an electronic ignition so let me share my story.

Jose, I guess this is more for you.

I have a 182P with a PPONK and installed an Electroair certified electronic ignition system (EIS) in place of one of my Slick magnetos.

There is a difference between the Sure Fly and Electroair. While they are both EI systems I can tell you the Electroair has provided me with a noticeable lower fuel burn, better high altitude performance, and MP adjustable timing. I'm not sure I could say it makes me go any faster or not.

I have had two issues with my Electroair. The first is minor. I had an alternator failure in flight and that is not tremendous with an EIS once the battery dies. And of course, on that day my non-EIS mag was running a little rough so I opted to land instead of just turning off the EIS and relying on the mechanical mag. And by the way, the rough mechanical mag turned out to be a loose plug wire from when my former mechanic installed my 500-hour overhauled mag.

Ironically, as I write this my plane is awaiting the arrival of a replacement coil pack for my Electroair. But I purchased my Electroair from SmoothPower which is owned by Darrell Pool. There are not enough kind words to describe Darrell. He is knowledgeable, smart, and stands completely behind the Electroair system. I have learned from experience that Darrell and Smooth Power have my back and I'm not worried one bit that my issue is getting resolved.

Darrell worked closely with my mechanics to help diagnosis the problem I recently developed and he stands behind the product.

I don't want this to come across as a sales post, it's not. Even though I've had this coil pack issue I would not want to remove my EIS system and feel it is a true blessing when it is happy.

Hopefully, the negative experience you had with your Sure Fly won't chase people completely away from an EIS.



JOSE LOPEZ DEL PUERTO replied to the topic 'Exhaust extensions' in the forum. 3 days ago

Just buy one approved.

Texas Skyways has also a STC exhaust extension for the 182.


JOSE LOPEZ DEL PUERTO replied to the topic 'Sure fly magneto' in the forum. 3 days ago

Thanks, Richard.

My factory engine is still new, so I have a several hundred hours to go with my magnetos, but I think electronic ignition will be the standard in our aviation engines in the coming years, just as it It has been in our cars for 40 or more years.

I have a hangar in a neighborhood of experimentals and almost every one has electronic ignition an love it. Several of them are flying SureFly units with zero problems, so this is why I was interested in learning the details about yours. Of course, you have plenty of reasons to be mad, but as Don Quixote said: “One swallow does not make a summer”.

Thank you por sharing your experience.



DOUGLAS VINCENT replied to the topic 'Purchase - 2 good options' in the forum. 3 days ago

I do not know the particulars;ar difference in th D & E models. Cessna Pilot Association does have good information about the various models.

The key is to obtain the best thorough pre purchase inspection you can find. That way you know exactly what you are getting for your money.

Remember you are purchasing a very old airplane eve if you purchase a newer 210.

While th nice paint and interior are satisfying do not be fooled. Remember you can put lipstick on a pig and will still have pig.

My personal feeling is that the airframe and physical systems are the most important. One can always install a new power plant and add other goodies. If the airframe is bad all is bad. If the airframe is good the the other items can be updated, with money.

If the aircraft does not have struts make sure the current problem oowit cross over is inspected.

Hope the few pointers helps. Enjoy the airplane whichever you buy.


Richard heinichen replied to the topic 'Sure fly magneto' in the forum. 3 days ago

My mechanics set it the way sure fly told him to.
I hope you don’t have one. I’m glad to get rid of it and go back to new magnetos. I was so sorry I didn’t research this more before the purchase. It was a 5 grand screwup.


JOSE LOPEZ DEL PUERTO replied to the topic 'Sure fly magneto' in the forum. 3 days ago

Was your SureFly in fixed or advanced timing mode?


Lyle Mann created a new topic ' Exhaust extensions' in the forum. 4 days ago

I recently had to replace the muffler during the annual inspection. On our Cessna 182 A. The old muffler had an extension, but the AI didn’t want to put the extension on because he said it was an automotive pipe. Now I always have exhaust stains on the airframe behind the muffler. What can I do to route the exhaust away from the airframe, and can I do it as an owner?