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BARRY E. FITZGERALD replied to the topic 'Best FBO Quebec City' in the forum. yesterday

Are you flying from the USA into Canada?

Like to do that myself sometime.
I would have to change my garmin ADS-B transponder out to do that.

I talk to a Canadian at Sun And Fun he is not happy with there system he liked USA boarder check points better.


BARRY E. FITZGERALD replied to the topic 'Best FBO Quebec City' in the forum. yesterday

But I do know a couple good restaurants.
Bello Italian restaurant
Saint - Malo Bistro for steak.


BARRY E. FITZGERALD created a new topic ' Aspen Avionics E5 Evolution' in the forum. yesterday

Installing a Aspen E5 in my 1971 210L
Does anyone have any experience with this equipment installation and use?


Looking at a 1978 R182 in MI, but am not from the area, so wonder if anyone can recommend a shop/A&P/IA to do a solid pre-buy inspection. Thanks.


DARIN DIVINIA replied to the topic '182 firewall reinforcement?' in the forum. 3 days ago

Wow - that is great to hear.

Do you have a link to it?

Who are the 3rd parties that sell them?

I have not seen the plane yet but it is a 182E and I suspect it will need some of the upgrades. We will look it over in the prebuy.



Paul Gryko replied to the topic '182 firewall reinforcement?' in the forum. 3 days ago

You would need a few components to make this work. We sell STC SA04126NY that beefs up the lower firewall. The upper diagonal cross bracing is available aftermarket from a 3rd party.



AUS 210M created a new topic ' Vapor Lock - Venting 1978 210M' in the forum. 5 days ago

Hi All,
I have a 78' 210M based in Australia. We had an issue where while 1hr into flight time on the RH tank, rapid fuel flow fluctuations on the analog dial and also on the JPI 830 to the point where the engine started to surged, change to the LH tank and normal operations. Checked with LAME, checked venting system on wing and all OK.
25mins into next RH Tank usage, same issue, engaged fuel pump, stabilized, pump off, engine stopped, switched tanks and normal operations again, back to LAME.
We went right through the RH fuel system, changed filler caps to raised caps, checked all vents, resealed the fuel selector, checked for contamination in the tanks(main and resevoir).
Thought we had solved the problem, after 14hrs of operation it happened again yesterday.
Only happens on the RH tank.
After much reading I see previous examples of vapor build up in the reservoir tank causing similar problems.
The engine is an IO 550 P2B.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have a Garmin 345 ADS-B Transponder connected to a 530W and 430W GPS system.

Specific traffic screens on 430/530 work well.

Problem is traffic showing on 430/530 Nav screens. On approach to a busy airport all the traffic is clutter to the point of making navigation and points almost unreadable.

How can I eliminate traffic for the nav screens particularly on approach?


Kent Dellenbusch created a new topic ' 170B .. 1953' in the forum. 6 days ago

Hello Friends.
A member of Cessna Flyer will be selling his beloved 1953 170B. It is serial # 20598 and registered as N2446D. Total time on airframe is 3163hours. Ready for a show I'd have to say. What a beauty.
It has a Continental C145 ser. # 6512-D-2-2. Time since major 224.0 hrs. Time since top is 146.6 hrs.
New battery last year. Tires are 6:50 x 6 and appear to be new. All glass and windshield are in excellent condition.
Pictures illustrate a loved and well-cared for 170.
Lionel is asking $55,000.00; will consider offers. Feel free to reach out to Lionel for additional questions. 719-873-5699
Located in South Fork Colorado.
You are welcome to reach out to me, Kent. I’m happy to be the middleman for Lionel. You’ve got my email address.


DARIN DIVINIA replied to the topic '182 firewall reinforcement?' in the forum. 6 days ago

I have not seen the plane yet, but I will check.

I have heard those kits are long out of stock.



David Benning replied to the topic 'T210 gross weight increase STC' in the forum. 6 days ago

I have the STC from Eckstar, Inc. on my T210M

I contact them by email Ramon Torres <>

The Eckstar 4000 STC is applicable to the T210M only. It increases the takeoff gross weight to 4000 lbs, landing weight remains the same @ 3800 lbs.

There is no physical modification to the aircraft , only paper work change in the flight manual and installation of two placards. You will need to fill out an FAA form 337.

Price is $398.00, we accept personal check, mastercard and visa.


Ray Torres
RT Aerospace


STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'Low Voltage' in the forum. 6 days ago

Hi John,

I have recommended Zeftronics products for decades and used a Zeftronics regulator to control the generator before I installed a Plane Power alternator conversion kit. I am very happy with the Plane Power set up. I haven't had it too long (2 years) but as I said it's been faultless.


Craig Yates created a new topic ' Hangar Buildings/Builders' in the forum. 7 days ago

Anybody have good (or bad) experiences with hangar builders in the SE Florida Treasure Coast area? We're looking for recommendations for a hangar builder.


JOSE LOPEZ DEL PUERTO replied to the topic 'Low Voltage' in the forum. 7 days ago

I have zero experience with Zeftronics customer service. I installed my current Zeftronics on 2004 and it never has failed.


JOHN QUIMBY replied to the topic 'Low Voltage' in the forum. 7 days ago

Jose - thank you. I assume I want the R15V00 Rev A model with over voltage? I see in notes it requires a 337. I saw on Spruce some negative reports on lack of customer support for Zeftronics . Any experiences? Debating R15V00 Rev A, PP R1224 or like for like Lamar.


JOSE LOPEZ DEL PUERTO replied to the topic 'Low Voltage' in the forum. 7 days ago

Welcome , John!

Zeftronics are very good (it’s what my 28V 182Q has), but lately Plane Power ACUs have a rising reputation. Here is a link to Zeftronics 14V application table:


JOHN QUIMBY created a new topic ' Low Voltage' in the forum. 7 days ago

New to the forum but joined to tap into the collective wisdom of the community to keep my 1977 182Q in the air.

Flying back from Oshkosh I started getting a low voltage warning on my 830. We got it home and pulled the cowl and discovered a previous crimp had broken off. Replaced with extended wire and no luck. Turns out our new wire crimped into the shielding so we redid the wire and still no luck. Checking master and all parts of from inside to alternator in the morning. Thinking I might have somehow fried the regulator (picture attached). If we have to go down that path can I ask for suggestions on Zeftronics vs Plane Power and which models would I need? Anything else required with purchase? It seems like another useful brick in the modernization wall so I’m not complaining just looking for recommendations on which to purchase. I assume the next logical purchase is a plane power alternator.

Appreciate the ideas.

1977 182Q - 182TG