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Christopher Gill created a new topic ' ADSB-OUT' in the forum. 12 hours 12 minutes ago

I have a C-150, L model- Need to get ADS-B out installed. I see in Cessna Flyer magazine TRIG advertises a unit (model TT31), basically calling it plug n play- (replaces my KT76a mode C) is this all I need, or is there more to it?
Thanks, Chris


TERRENCE TERRILL created a new topic ' Starter Solenoid' in the forum. 21 hours 40 minutes ago

We have a 68 182M. We tried to start it and the prop moved 1/4 turn, prop stopped and the solenoid just clicked. Replaced battery, cleaned all contacts, benched tested starter and still does same thing. at wits end. Ideas?


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