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Brady Aviation LTD Co replied to the topic 'Charging System Intermittent' in the forum. 17 hours 39 minutes ago

This afternoon we hooked the Lamar Test box up (TE04 I believe is the model) and ran thru all the tests, with no failures. The alternator never dropped when we were running thru the test box. The box controls the field circuit with a switch and the alternator never stopped trying to charge. Keep reading......

Then disconnected the test box, hooked everything back up, started the engine, and of course the same thing started happening.

It would discharge and then charge some and then not charge. I had all the lights on the keep a load on the alternator.

Even hooked a volt meter to the coil of the alternator relay and the voltage varied based on RPM, but the alternator would stop charging. After writing that just now it seems odd that coil voltage would vary if the alternator was not charging so I'll redo that tomorrow. However the coil voltage never dropped to a point the relay released (that I could tell). Tomorrow I'll check the voltage drop across the relay to know for sure.

To answer some questions......

About 250 hours on the alternator. The engine is a Cont IO-550N. with a 100 amp alternator.

Non of the SB's attached apply to this plane

I dont know about the field breaker tripping. The Lamar MCU has 3 circuit breakers in it and I presume they reset automagically. What I see is the positive rate charge and then sometimes a discharge. Nothing consistent about when it starts charging again although higher rpms do seem to help

I was thinking brushes also until we hooked up the the Lamar box and the thing was rock solid. You can control the fld circuit with their test box and the thing never stopped charging while we had it on the box. There is probably an answer in there somewhere.

I found no loose connections, discolored wires, burnt wires.....nothing observed

I am considering changing the alternator relay. I had to change the battery/master relay last year. Sometimes turning the master on didnt result in anything coming on. Haven't had that problem again since I replaced it.


richard heinichen replied to the topic 'flying west' in the forum. 23 hours 58 minutes ago

Thank You Scott and Steve for the suggestions. I think I will look into and buy some oxygen program and get up early and try flying over the peaks... That is after I fly in the mountains with a CFII , in my plane, and learn some common sense.
Also, I like the idea about mountain passes on a nice VFR day. With the parachute, if the thing in fronts stops turning I'll look for a pick nick table by a river and float down and wait.
My nephew lives in Bend and I have seen what has come to this little town. Private jets.
Now that Texas has closed down again in 90 days I will have more time to iron out the legs.
Thanks Guys.


Scott Kinney replied to the topic 'flying west' in the forum. yesterday

The FBO at KRDM is owned by the same outfit as the one at KBDN, and caters to a similar clientele. Last I heard, the overnight fees were pretty steep. An advantage to KRDM would be that since it is the area's commercial hub, a rental car is easy to secure.

In addition to the Imeson book Steve mentioned (which is great), I also really enjoyed Mountain, Canyon, and Backcountry Flying by Amy Hoover. Even if you never intend on touching down on an unpaved strip, both are worth picking up.

There's a big difference between flying "around/over the mountains" (e.g. a XC leg from, say, Reno, NV, to Bend, OR) to flying "in the mountains."

"Around/over" doesn't need to be particularly complicated, but having some knowledge about mountain weather and airflow patterns is very helpful.

Along those lines, I ran into a situation last summer climbing out of Sisters, OR (6K5) where I was seeing a miserable rate of climb (100 fpm) at only 6,500 feet msl. I should've been getting 750+ fpm. All engine indications were normal. It wasn't particularly warm outside. Strange.

As it turned out, I was in a spot where I was catching the downside of a mountain wave (west wind at altitude of 25-30kts, mountains to 10k about 20 miles west of this position). I was also over forested terrain. I repositioned a few miles further east from the downflow area, found a nice big field (warms quicker, more conducive to rising air), and spiraled up to 10.5 fairly quickly.

"In" is where mountain flying instructors really earn their keep. Every year, I read reports about very capable aircraft whose very not-capable pilots tried to land at such-and-such backcountry strip without proper training.

We have a strip just up the road (McKenzie Bridge, 00S) which seems to eat a plane a year, on average. It's not particularly high, hot, or complicated, but it's in a relatively tight valley, one-way, no go-arounds possible.


DARIN DIVINIA replied to the topic 'Alternator Upgrade 182S' in the forum. yesterday

I saw that used one out there. I am upgrading to LEDs and have not had an issue. Just wondering if there was an upgrade package out there.