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Christopher Trainor created a new topic ' 1978 182Q needs avionics' in the forum. yesterday

Hi Folks,
I just joined CFA!
I have recently purchased a share of a 1978 Cessna 182.

It has an old KNS80.

I want to update the avionics with GPS and ADSB.

I'm overwhelmed with the choices and am looking for advice and recommendations from the CFA team.

Best Regards,


Jeff Miltimore created a new topic ' Elevator Trim Tab Rigging .... Which way is Up ?' in the forum. 2 days ago

The Cessna Maintenance Manual for my 1956 172 says that the Elevator Trim Tab Travel is 28* Up and 13* Down.

Is this Aircraft Nose Up... and Nose Down ?


Is it Trailing Edge of Trim Tab Up and Trailing Edge of Trim Tab Down ?

I know it seems crazy.... but it doesn't seem clear


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