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BARRY E. FITZGERALD replied to the topic 'Aspen Avionics E5 Evolution' in the forum. 9 hours 11 minutes ago

I ‘m happy with the Aspen.
I all one unit.
I installed it myself.
Happy with my choice.
I would recommend Aspen.


JOHN QUIMBY replied to the topic 'Aspen Avionics E5 Evolution' in the forum. 11 hours 46 minutes ago

Barry - we were debating today the pros and cons of the Aspen vs two G5’s. Someone said two G5’s provide redundancy and someone with experience with the Aspen mentioned the display was crowded. Any thoughts based upon your personal experiences?



JOHN QUIMBY replied to the topic 'Seat Rail AD 2011-10-09' in the forum. 11 hours 52 minutes ago

Steve - I pulled the seats and carpets today and cleaned off the seat rails. My IA did the inspection and there is a small crack that has not changed in two years. The crack falls within the acceptable level of the AD. There are no other cracks anywhere on the rail. My IA went through the required checks on the seats and they were all within tolerances. I cleaned and dry lubed the rollers and they are ready to go back.

I’m hoping to start prepping for the annual and I was reading your article:

I followed your article guidance with my A&P last year and wondered do you have the steps in a spreadsheet or document? I’d like to make electronic notes.

182Q - 182TG


JOHN QUIMBY replied to the topic 'Where to purchase Seat Tracks' in the forum. 12 hours 10 minutes ago

George - how did the seat rail project go? Did you use the macfarlane screw kit or the OEM rivets? I went through the AD today with my IA - I have a small horizontal crack but nothing is out of tolerance per the AD. I couldn’t believe the tolerance for the elongation of the holes it was something like 2X the normal size. The IA said he believes mine have been replaced once already.


Charles Gill created a new topic ' fuel flow from left and right tank' in the forum. 20 hours 9 minutes ago

When in flight the fuel flow from the left tank is three times as much as from the right tank when the selector switch is on both. When on the ground and draining the tanks with the fuel line from the fuel line to the engine compartment the flow rate is the same form both tanks. I have timed how long it takes to drain 20 gallons from each tank. There is good cross venting between the tanks. I have not allowed the left tank to run dry in flight while on selector is on both as I am not sure what will happen. The aircraft is a 1962 cessna 175C with a Franklin 335 engine and a constant speed prop. Plane preforms great but I cannot figure out the different flow rates from the tanks in flight. Any suggestions?


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