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Brian Garrett replied to the topic 'Cessna 210 Wing Spar AD info' in the forum. 1 hour 35 minutes ago

That's interesting about the optional corrosion proof coating. I would think that information would be part of the sale notes - so in theory, we should be able to see if we already have the corrosion proofing on our spar? We're an M model.


STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'Cessna 210 Wing Spar AD info' in the forum. 3 hours 18 minutes ago

Paolo; After talking to the FAA and very experienced 210 maintenance experts, I learned that removal of the corrosion inhibiting coating (CIC)--typically zinc chromate primer--is not required prior to the visual inspection.

This means that the FAA has decided that a previously applied CIC is not a sufficient reason to not comply with the AD.

You can comment to the AD; the address and reference number is included in my original post in this thread.



RANDALL BOAN replied to the topic '1958A 182 Mounts for Ipad Fore flight' in the forum. 4 hours 18 minutes ago

Yes, IPads don't like heat and it's hard to keep them out of the sun at times.


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PAOLO MONTANARI replied to the topic 'Cessna 210 Wing Spar AD info' in the forum. 4 hours 49 minutes ago

being aware of the AD I note that the reason to exclude the model from N on is because they are corrosion proof coated by factory.
Many Aircraft before the N model exited the factory with optional corrosion proof coating (mine included T210M dtd 1977). I wander if anybody evidenced that to the FAA or will do it.
Being the reason of corrosion proof to exclude the aicraft from the AD accomplishement, I think interesting to note it to FAA.
For me it would be extremely difficult to speak with FAA as I am from Italy .I think that some association or expert who knows FAA can have better chances of success and avoid FAA to be submerged by single case letters.