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STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'replacing headliner in my '64 182G' in the forum. 43 minutes ago

If you're going to do it yourself, then look at the Airtex interiors website for parts. AirTex has been in business for decades and sells good products. I believe you'll also be able to find videos both on the AirTex website and on YouTube.
Make sure you take down all the insulation once you get the existing headliner down. It's pretty common to see corrosion on the inner surface of the upper fuselage skin.
Also make sure that the fresh air tubes that carry fresh air to the back seat vents have not corroded any of the aluminum ribs--the original flexible tubing often failed, which resulted in the steel reinforcing wires contacting the aluminum parts. Add moisture to aluminum in contact with steel and you get corrosion.
I would recommend replacing the original black fabric covered tubing with orange colored neoprene based fabric to eliminate the potential for corrosion.


Aircraft Spruce has fuel dipstick by Fuel Hawk. Fuel Hawk makes one that's calibrated for a 43.5 gallon Cessna 182 tank and one for a 39 gallon tank on a 182. I believe one of these would be pretty darn close to a stick that's calibrated for your 206. Sticks are listed under Fuel Hawk at Cost is $12.95 each


STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'Quick Intro' in the forum. 59 minutes ago

Hi Adam;
My name is Steve; I'm also an A&P (IA) with a commercial and instrument ratings.
I am semi retired and answer most of the tech style questions on the Piper Flyer and Cessna Flyer forums.
I'll start listening.


Adam Sipe replied to the topic 'Quick Intro' in the forum. 19 hours 39 minutes ago

Hey Scott,

Awesome, thanks! We've got some new episodes and format coming out in April.

Safe travels,



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