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STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'ISKRA Starter' in the forum. 5 days ago

I've attached a link below to the pdf for Iskra starter maintenance.

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STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'ISKRA Starter' in the forum. 5 days ago

Hi Paolo;
The Iskra starters were installed by Continental Motors on engines such as yours. They are no longer installed by Continental on its new engines because they had a habit of damaging the starter adapter assemblies. The Iskra starter consists of a small electric motor that spins fast and a planetary-type reduction gear. In order for the starter adapter to work correctly, the starter has to "release" after the engine started. I believe the problem boiled down to the planetary gear system/electric motor combination was difficult to turn and since it wouldn't, the friction spring inside the adapter would stay engaged on the starter shaft. This caused bad starting performance since the spring was no longer capable of fully gripping the knurled portion of the starter shaft. These starters caused so many stater adapter problems that most owners that knew about the problems replaced them with either a SkyTec starter or one of the older model starters.
I did find an old manual at: It's an inactive publication but I believe it addresses the maintenance procedures for an Iskra starter. Since it has the red warning across it, you will have to re-type it.
If I were you, I would take the Iskra off your engine and replace it with a SkyTec starter that's approved for your airplane. You can find more information on the SkyTec starters at:
Happy Flying
Let me know what you find.


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