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RALPH BENJAMIN replied to the topic 'Winterization kit' in the forum. 8 hours 36 minutes ago

Jimmy, Thanks for getting back to me. I live and fly in Wisconsin which gets below zero. I am looking for the kit that will bolt on to my 182S. I know that they are available and don’t want to make my own for fear of blocking too much or too little air.


Jimmy Kulbeth replied to the topic 'Winterization kit' in the forum. 8 hours 51 minutes ago

What temps will be flying in? I just bought a C182E from state of Vermont that gad a set on it. It states on the kit “not to be used in temps over 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It was 32 degrees last Wednesday but I decided to put them on. I found my CHT temps jumped up a bit but oil temps did not change much. I have no experience with them so removed them until it gets colder. If it would help I could make a drawing of what I have. I do not know if this is a STC item. It does not look hard to make. Let me know if I can help.


Jose Lopezdelpuerto replied to the topic 'STOL kits and Vortex Generators' in the forum. 20 hours 11 minutes ago

If your intention is to operate in and out of short rustic land strips, your best source of information is BP. The most experienced backcountry pilots are there and STOL modifications have been discussed ad nauseam.


ROD KLEISS created a new topic ' STOL kits and Vortex Generators' in the forum. 23 hours 48 minutes ago

I have a 172XP. As I look at upgrading incrementally, I have begun looking at vortex generators and STOL kits. There seems to be a pretty convincing majority that consider vortex generators to be worth the investment. I don't see the same unanimity in comments on STOL kits. There are quite a few differing opinions on how well they function and on the various brands available. It sure would be nice to have an article devoted to that subject.


The topic of this Forum Entry is the Long running Cessna 172 skyhawk. With the first Aircraft produced in 1955, there are over 44,000 Plus produced. Many are still flying in the Air Today. The subject of this topic is the Structural wear and tear of this specific aircraft model and what to look out for. Are there any known areas that have known to deteriorate through time.

Attached below is a Cessna 172 Cutaway Drawing showing the interior structure of the aircraft (Flight Global). The Cessna 172 is known to be a very soundly designed Aircraft with its long history. However, we must not be complacent remain proactive. I am a retired aircraft mechanic, but don't consider myself to be any expert on the 172. There are so many types of Aircraft and its difficult to specialize on any single airplane.

In one catastrophic incident a wing separate which later resulted in the FAA issuing an Emergency Airworthiness Directive requiring fluorescent-dye-penetrant inspections of the wing-attach flanges at 200-hour intervals. Even with these mandates, its always better to be extremely diligent. We don't want to be "That Guy"


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