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    I fly a 182L (1968) which the flying club purchased in 1974. I bought it from the club in 1980 when the farmers in the club were having some lean years. We have flown it from Alaska to the West Indies and from Nova Scotia to Guatemaula on numerous trips.
    The first thing that I did was to have Charlie Seibel's Speed Kit installed. That plus adding a nose wheel faring added 20 mph to her speed. I also have burned mogas since 1982. The 14% increase in speed and cheaper fuel (presently 29% less) has allowed me to go farther and oftener into the air. Saturday I flew 23 kids on Young Eagle flights. Sunday I flew a friend to AAS in KY for a family reunion. Next month I will join the Flying Octogenarians. I have flown a few less "Angel flights" this year so far, but since I retired 21/2years ago I have time to fly more. I am forever thankful for a friend that suggested that I should learn to fly. Back in 1960 we flew a C120 for $4.00/hr wet in the club and $8.00/hr for the C170. Things have changed a little since then when we only had three channels to transmit on 122.8 Unicom; 121.5 emergency; and 122.5 for tower. We also had to tune in the frequency on the dial to receive. Ain't GPS grand with an EFB and no 30# bag of charts. Fly often; fly safe!
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