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182RG Gear and Flap Warning horn issue

Discussion started by John Bagnas 1 year ago

I am working a gear warning horn problem on a 182RG, and the issue is that the warning horn for the flap AND throttle is inop. With the AC on jacks, and during the gear swings, I cant seem to get an aural warning in either flap or throttle configuration. I have tested the stall warning, and it is functioning, with an aural warning coming from the cabin speaker, but cant get the flap/throttle warning horn to sound. I have checked the rig on both the throttle and flap lever microswitches, and they are rigged correctly. Any ideas?

1.       Aural warning unit under headliner by pilots head. it has 2 functions independent of each other 1 being stall horn other is flap/gear horn

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