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Discussion started by John Bagnas 1 year ago

I have a C-182 with a transponder that is about to fail. Should I get a used replacement and wait for the new Code S transponder? Any suggestions appreciated. -Gene

1.       You wouldn't be Gene Pileggi of FRG? That would make you my neighbor. Welcome either way! What make/model of transponder? Cavity tube style? Narco or other? Your answers will allow us to more accurately give you opinions on your options and alternatives.
--Jeff C.
FRG Echo Area

2.       Gene P from FRG? If so, you and I are neighbors of a fashion. May I ask the make/model/voltage of your transponder? Cavity tube? Easiest and least expensive is a rack compatible replacement, but depending on what era of equipment you're replacing, it might be time to go modern and get rid of the cavity tube.
Give us some answers and an opinion will be forthcoming.
Welcome to CFA Gene.
--Jeffrey Chipetine

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Sounds like you may have a King KT 76 transponder. That was the most popular unit in the past. Anyway maintenane is starting to become an expensive pain with older transponders.

I am not sure you need a Mode S transponder when a new Mode C may work quite well.

How you plan to implement ADS-B is the question and whether you plan to fly outside US boundaries. If all US flying then you can use a Mode C transponder with a UAT ADS-B installation.

If you fly in Canada or Mexico you will need a Mode C transponder with extended squitter capability such as the Garmin GTX 330 ES and couple with the GDL 88 ADS-B receiver transmitter. I installed a GTX 330 7 years ago. The only maintenance is the biannual recertification test.

The easy way is to find a used GTX 330 and add the ES service bulletin later and wait for ADS-B to install just before 1/1/2020.
1 year ago

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