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Sunday, 26 May 2013 23:25

The Perfect Plane: Our Better-Than-New Cessna 170B Featured

Written by  John Nielsen
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May 2013-

When you begin the search for the aircraft model that will best fit your most common mission profile, you define and prioritize the wants and needs that will fit into a defined budget.

You evaluate necessary compromises, and debate between two-place or four-place; speed; cargo capacity; VFR or IFR. Will the airplane be used on unimproved strips or paved runways? Then come the costs to acquire, operate, maintain and insure your choice.

The Light Sport category of new aircraft gives a pilot several possibilities, but most are small two-place aircraft and still run well in excess of $100,000. When one looks into purchasing a new Normal Standard category aircraft, they quickly discover that requires an even larger investment.

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