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Tuesday, 12 February 2013 11:43

Questions and Answers – Cessna 205 Purchase and Buying a “Beater” 172

Written by  Steve Ells
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September 2012

Q: Hi Steve,

I’m looking for an all-around Cessna that I will use both in business and for family outings and vacations. I have flown in a friend’s Cessna 182 and I do like the way Cessna single engine airplanes fly.

I also like that Cessna built so many single engine airplanes. I’m in the farm equipment business and know that mechanics sometimes have trouble with machines they aren’t familiar with.

I talked to my local airplane mechanic about buying a Cessna and he told me that he thinks the Cessna 205 would be perfect for me. He described the 205 as a fuel-injected 182 with a bigger useful load. That sounds like a 206.

You know a lot about Cessna single engine airplanes—do you think buying a 205 is a good idea?


—Ready to Buy

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